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The REAL Reason You haven't gotten the Bodybuilding Results and Powerful Muscle Gains You Deserve

Here's a simple metaphor to explain why natural bodybuilding and fitness success is so hard for many people to achieve:

Even if you have experience at driving race cars, pretend you don’t for the sake of this example.

Imagine you’ve always wanted to drive a race car. You decide to get inside a stock car one day and do laps around a track at high speed. Yet you have no experience – no real instruction on how to drive such a high performance car at very high speeds. So what happens? You negotiate the race track inefficiently, swerving on the corners of the track, fishtailing and side-swiping the wall with the back end of your car.

>So what do you do? Well, you decide to read magazines containing articles about how the top race car drivers do it. You try to emulate the pro drivers in hopes that you’ll be able to drive the track as fast and as well as they do.

But here’s what you don’t see right away: The pro drivers are using hidden advantages. They have cars with faster engines, better maneuverability, along with engine additives that make them go faster. Moreover, they’ve practiced their driving skills while having all these built-in advantages.

Of course, the magazine publishers don’t tell you this. They keep pumping out articles containing “secrets” about how the pros do their driving. They tell you that if “you just use this special fuel – you’ll go faster. If you just use this ‘natural’ engine additive – you’ll get the results of the pro driver.

Meanwhile, the professional drivers are using stuff that changes the game completely. They’ve illegally modified their engines. They’ve illegally modified their chassis. They’re adding chemicals to this modified machinery that completely takes them out of your driving league.

Yet you keep trying. You add the “natural” engine additives and fuel they’re selling to your car. You attempt to drive at their speeds and keep hitting the walls because you don’t have the unfair advantages. Their speed impresses you so much that you subconsciously dismiss the REAL reasons they’re driving at high speeds and you’re not.

"I have received my book from you and have almost finished it. First, let me congratulate you, it is fantastic. It's far above any others I have read, and I have read and bought many in my 50 + years of training and interest in bodybuilding. You sure know your stuff.....Well done!!!!"

Ron Kehoe
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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